How To Install A Fence

Fence installation refers to the erection of a physical barrier meant to keep away wild animals and intruders from accessing one's premise. Fences are also used to improve on human privacy since they project central locations from prying eyes. There are different types of fences made from various materials. The most common are stone, timber and vegetation fences. All in all, they serve the same purpose. Installation of these barriers especially the timber ones requires a lot of professionalism and effort.

First and foremost, one has to dig post holes at intervals. It is in these holes that the strong posts will be anchored using concrete. Usually, they are installed at a spacing of between six and eight feet. This process begins by setting up the corner posts which act as the pillar to the entire Structure. Since alignment is necessary, a long thread is tied between two opposite poles so as to act as a guide then fitting the other support pillars. Good workmanship ensures that each post is anchored at similar depth.

Railing is the next step that follows installation of posts. Two horizontally straight rails are nailed across to the top and bottom of two adjacent poles. These rails provide addition support since they also hold the posts in their original positions. When this has been achieved, fence boards are then nailed vertically on the two rails. They are placed side by side along the fence so that all gaps can be sealed off. Each of these boards is of equal length and width. In so doing, uniformity is achieved. Hire experts from the Fence Construction Calgary company.

Basically, fixing of the above boards starts at a corner post and ends at another post at the far end. To ensure that the owners can access their premise, space for a gate is left. Its size is dictated by the size of objects anticipated to pass through there from time to time. The gate might be made of wood or metal. It all depends on the preference of the home owner.

Finally, the fence might be painted depending on the instructions given to the Renovations Calgary AB constructors. Since timber is a food source to termites, the bottom of the posts has to be treated with a chemical substance that will repel these destructive organisms. This is a major step in ensuring that such a fence lasts for a very long time. Therefore fence construction is an ingenious skill that requires prior preparation so that fruitful results can be achieved at the end of the day.